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correspondence screen
Search through documents stored on the database
add correspondence screen
Create new documents. Values are pre-filled from customer records on the database.
edit correspondence screen
Documents are generated and opened in the users preferred editor (e.g. MS Word). Saving the document loads it to the database.
Pure Logic SolutionsCorrespondence Manager
The PLS Correspondence Manager Tool enables your users to quickly produce letters, spreadsheets and any other regularly used documentation. These documents are produced by merging templates with extracts of specific information from your databases.
PLS Correspondence Manager is a powerful interface that allows users to edit documents using their existing word processing and spreadsheet software.
PLS Correspondence Manager stores your documentation centrally, either in protected folders or within your databases. Documents can be related to specific records in your database and your organisation's standard application security and back-up procedures can be applied.
The many advantages of using PLS Correspondence Manager include:
  • Point and click technology that systematically merges customer information from existing databases into word processing documents you create
  • Useful for internal documents, as well as correspondence with customers
  • Automatic transfer of data from your existing systems eliminates the potential for keying errors
  • Data is transferred real-time ensuring up-to-date information
  • Complex database security rules can be applied to document access
  • Efficient Database backup tools can be applied to your organisations documents
  • Documents can be archived while leaving traceable links in your CRM systems
  • Employee productivity increases through automation as correspondence is prepared directly from a user's workstation
  • Standardized correspondence facilitates a shorter training cycle and speeds the learning curve for new employees
  • Standardized correspondence ensures consistency between customer service representatives
Two versions of the application are available: an Oracle Developer6i/9i version that uses OLE (object linking and embedding) and a web-enabled Apache/PHP version.
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