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This Page is still under construction. It contains tips on configuring databases, Crystal Reports, Apache, Tomcat, etc
Key functions in oracle
Read about our experiences with Crystal reports
in particular handling SQL Commands and optimizing the JRC (Java Reporting Component).

If you have problems viewing the target document, try right-clicking on the link and using <Save Target AS> to get a copy to your local machine - then open it.

If you are getting the "File does not begin with %PDF-" error, you can also try disabling the "Display PDF in Browser" option in your reader software. This is a known error with Acrobat 6, particularly if its installed with Acrobat 5.
Use Start - Programs - Adobe Reader to run the program directly (instead of embedded inside the web browser).
Pull down the Edit menu and choose Preferences.
In the Internet settings page, de-select (uncheck) the "Display PDF in Browser" option.
Extract Oracle 6i OLE Container Blobs to File System
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