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Recent Freedom of Information Legislation has placed large administrative responsibilities on your FoI Officers. FoI Request Manager has been designed to automate as many of these tasks as possible. It provides a system for tracking and reporting requests, correspondence generators and document storage capabilities. Developed in conjunction with Government FoI Officers, FoI Requests Manager is the cost effective FoI solution.

Coded in PHP, run on Apache (on Linux or Windows) and tested against Oracle and MySQL databases, FoI Request Manager provides:
  • User Authentication & Management
  • Requests Cockpit - filter requests by status, dates, names
  • Requests Main - add/edit/view request details
  • Document Generation - choose from a list of standard documents pre-populated with a request's details
  • Document Storage - attach files and documents to a request
  • Requests Reporting - a group of reports required by legislation and statistics
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