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If youíve ever used an internet search engine, such as Infoseek, Google or Yahoo, you already know the major benefit of Pure Logic's DB Search Tool; it gives enterprise users fast, accurate access to the company information they need to do their jobs well. A closer look uncovers a less obvious benefit: a return on investment (ROI) so high that for many companies, DB Search should pay for itself in less than a month. Integrating software and support in a complete search solution, DB Search makes a company more productive without the large up-front investments and hidden costs of traditional enterprise search products.
PLS DB Search allows workers to find and share needed information quickly and easily. This means tighter turnarounds, a more nimble team, and shorter time-to-market. It enables workers to make the fullest use of the knowledge their company has already created often finding data they didnít even know they had. Providing users with a fast and accurate search tool will increase use of internal systems and increase the users confidence in their IT departments. There is no requirement to spend money on training employees because they are already familiar with how to use standard internet search engines.
Balance these benefits against the high cost of not finding information: bad decisions, duplicated efforts, missed opportunities - especially in information intensive industries where up-to-the-minute data and accelerated time-to-market are major competitive advantages.
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