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record manager main screen
Search through records, applying numerous search criteria. Clicking on an item on the list opens its full details or the entire filtered list can be output to an MS Word report, if required.
add and edit record details screen
Create and edit entries for records. Retention periods and actions are pre-filled from default values set by the adminstration.
edit correspondence screen
Reports are generated and opened in the users preferred editor (e.g. MS Word). Monthly reports on records requiring action within the next month or overdue action are automatically emailed to the Unit Administrators.
edit correspondence screen
Three user levels are supported; administrators can use this screen to set up new units, series, default retention periods and actions.
Pure Logic SolutionsRecords Manager
PLS Records Manager covers all the main functions for effective file management, from the moment of record creation and registration right through to disposition. The applications main manage screen allows records to be easily search, by specific data fields or by keywords and its Administration section provides the means to control file naming procedures, file actions and default file retention periods, improving efficiency and aiding retrieval of relevant information whenever it is required.
Conceived, designed, tested and in use by professional records managers, PLS Records Manager offers a range of functions and features to assist in the management of your organisation's records:
  • Records, Registration, Location Management
  • Automatic Indexing, Retention & Disposition Scheduling
  • Comprehensive Search and Reporting Facilities
  • Dual User & Administrator Interface
  • Reporting Functionality Records Tracking & Loans Monitoring
  • Hierarchical Classification Scheme, reflecting the functions & activities of your particular organisation
Full Life-Cycle Tracking PLS Records Manager provides accuracy and accountability through every phase of your record's life cycle. Record tracking begins with creation and continues throughout the items active life, inactive status, archived (boxed), and finally scheduled destruction.
Search Powerful Searching can be performed on any of the designated business fields. Then quickly and easily refine the same search to drill down to the desired records.
Item History PLS Records Manager provides complete accountability through the item history feature, including action performed, by whom, location, date, etc.
Retention Scheduling Custom retention schedules can be applied to each item type, reducing the cost of managing and storing records past their useful life.
Security PLS Records Manager provides for user-level security with three different user levels.
What are Records?
A Record is information in any medium and format that can be retrieved at a later time, defined by the Uniform Rules of Evidence as "letters, words, sounds, or numbers, or their equivalent, set down by handwriting, typewriting, printing, photostating, photographing, magnetic impulse, mechanical or electronic recording, or other form of data compilation".
What is Records Management?
A Records Management programme is used by an organisation to:
  • To assess existing records and information management systems within organization
  • To create a Retention Schedule based on legal, fiscal, and other regulatory requirements, as well as business needs for all records: paper, micrographic, magnetic and electronic.
  • To develop a work plan for improving records and information management systems
  • To design and implement management system for current and inactive records
  • To identify vital records containing information that cannot be reconstructed from any other sources and are essential to continue operations; develop strategies to ensure their survival
  • To ensure compliance with the Freedom of Information Act, Data Protection Act and other standards and legislation
PLS Records Manager is a comprehensive and cost effective tool providing all your records management requirements
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