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Domains and Hosting
Pure Logic Solutions have spent many years registering domains with many different providers. We recommend that the first task of any web development is to get the .com name; Godaddy are one of the best registrar organisations at the moment.
Once you have your name, contact us to get some of the best value Linux/MySQL hosting available. We will handle configuring your .com to use our nameservers, provide unlimited email addresses and we can provide static as well as virtual addressing.
Pure Logic Solutions webservers are located in Frankfurt on the European gigabit backbone, with 24 hour support, ensuring the ultimate in availability and data speed.
domains and hosting
Website Creation
Pure Logic Solutions specialise in fully dynamic database driven web application creation. Your website should not only be a front page for your business, but should also be a tool that works for you, interfacing with, and often replacing, your back-office systems.
For advanced graphic and interface design, we partner with OneProductions, Ireland's premier media company specialising in advertising, marketing, promotions, print, web, video and audio.
Pure Logic's consultants are skilled in HTML, Javascript, ASP, JSP, J2EE, SQL Server, PHP serverside scripting, MySQL database and have strong business knowledge backgrounds in banking, heavy industry and government.
We build partnerships with our clients and should there ever be a time that you need answers, we will be there to provide them.
website creation
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